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Social media marketing

Social network marketing is currently one of the most topical marketing channels
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  • A place for creative and even ambitious expressions
  • The winner is the smartest, not the richest
  • Address an existing audience instead of creating a new one

Social media marketing possibilities are limited solely by our own imagination. Social media marketing trends and usage possibilities are growing and developing day by day. It is infinitely fascinating to watch this development process, but it is even more interesting to participate and even build it. The biggest advantage of the social media is a pre-existing audience, which means that we no longer have to attract a potential client (your website, blog), rather, we should visit the audience and speak in an interesting and compelling manner. At the moment, when we have gained the interest of the audience and it begins to follow us on social networks, we can address it every time we have something interesting to say.

Social media marketing service provision process:

  1. Research of the customer’s products and represented industry specifics
  2. Communication strategy development for activities on social networks
  3. Definition of long-term and short-term targets
  4. Social button placement on the client’s website
  5. Creation of a company account on the social networks
  6. Content generation and placement in the social networks