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Kickstarter campaign development

Create your Kickstarter campaign and let your idea become reality.
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  • Global brand recognition
  • Customers from across the world
  • Sell your products before they’re ready
  • Successful campaign experience

Realize your idea with Kickstarter

Kickstarter is a crowd-funding platform that helps new, innovative and creative ideas come to life. Kickstarter campaign is one of the fastest ways to obtain funding for the realization of your idea, while preserving 100% property rights. It is an unmatched, global advertisement, an outstanding opportunity to attract customers from across the whole world and an excellent method to boost your product’s pre-sales.

Successful experience

We are the only marketing agency in a country with successful Kickstarter campaign development experience. Together with Helico Aerospace Industries, we worked on the development of their AirDog campaign. With the help of this campaign, the company has managed to obtain a funding of more than 1,3 million USD for the realization of their idea. We rely on our eight years of experience in digital marketing, combined with a detailed analysis of the most successful Kickstarter campaign strategies, in order to deliver successful and compelling results. Our approach is based on paying attention to every single detail and making sure that even the smallest nuances are polished to perfection.

The method for success

We are offering to apply our experience and competence in order to help you develop a professional Kickstarter campaign that brings fame to your idea and matches all Kickstarter requirements. We will help you prepare a marketing strategy to capture the attention of supporters and social media. We will help create a professional campaign video and take care of advertisement development and placement across multiple social networks. We will carry out systematic communication, in order to popularize your campaign, and develop an attractive website to support your Kickstarter campaign. Additionally, we will come up with an enticing reward system for your campaign supporters and set up an internet shop to help you sell your product, starting on the campaign closing day. We will take care of your campaign, so that you can focus on the most important – creation of an innovative product.

Put your trust in knowledge and experience – entrust the development of your Kickstarter campaign to us!

Kickstarter campaign development process:

  1. Planning – Preparation of a campaign and marketing strategy that best fits the idea. Appropriate solution identification and discussion with the client;
  2. Development of design – Development of Kickstarter campaign profile, website, marketing campaign and other element designs in accordance with the clients needs and requirements;
  3. Profile development – Development of a unique Kickstarter profile page and a website to support the campaign;
  4. Promotion video development – Preparation of a Kickstarter campaign promotion video that fits the clients image and idea;
  5. Submission – Campaign submission at the Kickstarter website, support with campaign adjustments based on Kickstarter judge recommendations;
  6. Attracting supporters – Realization of a marketing campaign to attract the attention of social media, potential customers and campaign supporters;
  7. Communication – Systematic social network communication aimed at advertising and popularizing the campaign after the campaign has been submitted;
  8. Progress reports – Updating supporters about the progress of the campaign and the product development process;
  9. Ecommerce platform development – Development of an ecommerce website in which to sell your product starting with the campaign closing day;
  10. Ongoing marketing support - Support with the marketing and development of the clients business upon completion of the campaign.