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We locate and acquire new customers online for any business with a quality product or service as well as a large market potential
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  • Professional sales, marketing & IT specialists
  • Over 10 years of experience realizing projects worldwide
  • Use of latest technologies and IT solutions

Our key to success is focusing on measurable results and having extensive knowledge about business in the broadest sense of the word. Through adding specialization in sales and marketing to the equation, and an ability to plan and develop premium quality IT solutions, we can ensure new customer acquisition online for any business with the necessary potential.

Nevertheless, we must admit that our solutions are not suitable for all industries, products and services. Our clients must have great ambitions and a business that is capable of growing and is equipped with resources.

Business plan

Whether you’re running an established business or a new start-up project, our cooperation begins with an analysis of your business plan and defining of specific business goals. During our cooperation, reaching these goals will be our top priority. On top of that, we will provide data regarding your product or service market demand and help establish priorities.

Tailor made customer acquisition solutions

Taking into account the specifics of the business, we provide custom solutions that best suit each client’s needs. These may include websites, mobile websites or apps, online stores or even global ecommerce platforms such as eBay or Amazon. Our customer acquisition services involve using all available online traffic channels ranging from direct, organic and referral traffic to social, paid social, paid search, email and display network traffic. To do this, we rely on our in-house planning, design, development as well as analytics and broad-spectrum marketing resources, which enable us to optimize existing online resources as well as plan, design and develop new online infrastructures from scratch.

Measurable results

We have certified web analytics specialists and our clients are given 24/7 access to the data we use to evaluate our customer acquisition effort results. The data we measure include sales, applications, downloads as well as return on investments across a wide range of various cross-sections and customer segments.

Long-term cooperation

Our experience shows that ambitious results can only be achieved through constant work on a daily basis, with the primary goal in mind at all times. Customer acquisition is a complex process that involves planning, project management, designing, programming, content development and marketing campaign administration, which is why this service is only suitable for companies that are ready for long-term cooperation.

If you want to take your business to new heights and conquer new markets, MyReput.com can be the driving force that will help you reach your goals faster. Our team will turn potential into new customers and help ensure profit for your business.

  1. Business plan and goal defining - client business plan analysis and primary goal defining.
  2. Digital solution planning - new customer acquisition strategy and necessary resource planning.
  3. Content and structure planning - necessary content and their structure planning.
  4. Design development - development of all necessary design elements.
  5. Programming - necessary front-end and back-end element and infrastructure programming.
  6. Content development and optimization - planned content unit development and existing content optimization.
  7. Publishing and analytics setup - developed it solution publishing and necessary analytics tool setup.
  8. Customer acquisition plan - development of a customer acquisition and marketing campaign plan.
  9. Sales (conversion rate) optimization - optimization of digital solutions in order to improve conversion rates and increase sales.
  10. Campaign administration - planned customer acquisition and marketing campaign implementation and management.