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  • Content is the king – content is one of the key elements to attract the desired audience’s attention
  • Content written in accordance with the SEO guidelines gets higher positions within organic search results

Content writing is a process during which several factors must be taken into account. One of the basic pillars is SEO (search engine optimization), and the created text should be focused on selling (if that is the task). Of course, the basic criterion is always interesting and relevant content, which captures the reader’s interest, however, if we want the content to be shown to the widest possible range of people, during the creative process it is important to remember SEO and include pre-defined keywords and text links to other units in this content, thereby making it understandable and appreciated by the Google search system robots. Content writing does not begin and end just with the creation of a website’s content. Any promotional or communication material that is published on the Internet has to be written, bearing in mind that it should be designed primarily for humans, but not forgetting about the search engines robots and the main reason why this content is being created – to sell. The creation of sales-focused content has a very large direct role in ecommerce projects, where every sentence and call to action may be reflected in conversion rate posts, thereby also in the amount of products sold.

Content writing process:

  1. Research of the field represented by the client;
  2. Industry-relevant keyword research;
  3. Focus keyword choice;
  4. Content writing.